instead of different people tackling different problems, we tackle the same problem to see who has the best solution in a competitive marketplace, which results in an optimal solution eventually, but the same amount of time could have produced solutions to different problems
which may be suboptimal without peer review, but on further edits by the original problem-solver i think theyd achieve the optimal solution on their own
and because multiple people are working on the same problems, we waste time on meaningless discussions about standards when a clear decision on the matter could have saved a lot of time from the beginning
its the same principle driving the development of different languages, which accomplish different things optimally
we use python for data analysis, php for site delivery, bc theyre good at different things


people try to consolidate everything in a competitive marketplace, which wastes time on streamlining different tools when developing the tools to optimize the tasks theyre good at would result in optimally powerful tools
i think about the impact of different companies tackling different problems instead of every company tackling the same problem and it hurts my soul
google keeps doing this; theyre developing their own competitor to uber now
in my analogy, each company corresponds to a tool/language
instead of each company trying to do everything or each language trying to do everything, they should specialize and be good at one thing, then work together & share their solutions to build a thriving environment of optimized products/tools


if the original developers of languages had invested more time planning and had coordinated with each other, i think they would have arrived at this conclusion too, and we wouldnt have languages like java and php which have a lot of functions in common