Platform (n): physical structure or place (website, hand, country, home, belief system)


Given this talk:


My initial reaction:
i wonder if they’ll integrate that with gene expression technologies, to make sure the gene to produce more melanin is switched on. its weird that the process of UV rays activates that and the product of that also happens to have energy potential

when people get older their gene expressions change so maybe once they find a way to keep those active, we can use our existing biological processes to charge our devices without dependence on external resources. of course eventually we will become the device – the merging of two platforms – one made, the other found.


Leading to identifying a trend:

i keep seeing this trend of shifting the platform of solutions – people are developing solutions that place the burden of the solution in a more relevant place according to the context

so to keep people from using certain words in an online forum, they use form validation, which is placing the burden of the solution on the platform being used in that context, rather than trying to solve the problem from a psychological or social standpoint

or creating a consequence for some transgression that is only activated if the transgression has actually occurred

or painting house roofs white to provide a solution to energy use that addresses the problem (energy use in homes) on the platform impacted (the home itself) rather than on external entities that are inflexible, like regulating energy companies and taxes and so on

or designing a bio-plugin that will trigger a painful event on someone who is touching you against your will when it senses that someone’s touch is non-consensual – thereby only punishing those who actually touch you against your will, on the platform where the transgression would occur (your body)

or storing your true thoughts about someone in a place where they might spy on you (email drafts, network access logs) – so they will only find your true opinion of them if they are actually spying on you

Predicting the behavior of monster systems is fun but not useful for short-term solutions, given our current understanding.

What matters then is what platform you choose
If you choose a platform that punishes bad behavior, you’re declaring good intentions

Platforms must be built with problems in mind and solutions in the blueprint.