If you treat people like a criminal, they are likelier to realize society’s cruel delusion for them
If you trust people, they are likelier to achieve their dreams of fear’s oblivion

In an ideal world there would be no reward for good behavior & no punishment for bad behavior, so that good behavior would only come from true & sincere good intentions, and would never lose its meaning as a signal that can be faked to indicate good intentions where there are none.

In our third dimensional world, there is always a reward for good behavior, a punishment for bad behavior, and sometimes vice versa

The only way to live a saintly life is to never seek a reward for good behavior, which would be the life of a martyr. Given the tragic appeal of the martyr, this might sound like an ideal, at least an ideal to seek, if not to find.

However there are two types of people who become martyrs, the selfless, and the abandoned

Most will attribute the martyrs they see to the abandoned, for fear of being asked to become a martyr

Happiness is the best way to sell your system, as our corporate titans have discovered. A true martyr is a traitor to their system, because they failed to find a way to sell their system to the average person who wishes happiness for themselves.

A martyr is someone who wishes everyone to follow their unhappy path; a leader is someone who can find happiness in nothing but the well-being of their fellow man.

A martyr is not your friend; a martyr aspires to divinity at the cost of their system.

The best way to kill your system is to place suffering in your hall of virtues, until it drowns out all those virtues that could sell it.

If you know something is true, you will find a way to be happy with it, otherwise you would betray the system you’ve accepted as truth and consent to regression, abandoning the hopes of others inhabiting the same system who you might have befriended.

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